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    We specialize in designing, fabricating and manufacturing packaging products for the purpose of protection against shock, vibration, abrasion and the rigors of transportation.

    The unique qualities of expandable polystyrene (EPS) make it an excellent material for protecting your valuable products. It is lightweight, sturdy, non-abrasive material that can easily be molded or fabricated to almost any application.
    Our EPS foam products are CFC-free and recyclable.

    EPS Foam Sheeting

    EPS foam sheeting can be custom cut into sheets to line any shipping container for insulation or as protective packaging. EPS foam liners are supplied in a six piece set that is easy to assemble. Foam sheeting can be supplied in any desity foam and any size thickness to line any box. EPS foam liners are in stock for seafood shippers, flower shippers, airline containers and other commonly used shipping containers.

    Custom molding

    If you have a large volume need, or a part that is usually intricate, developing a custom mold is the best way to reduce costs and increase profitablility.

    Custom Fabrication

    When smaller quantities require short runs that don't justify a custom tool, a fabricated EPS foam part can provide customized protection for your unique application.


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