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    Delta manufactures, fabricates and distributes a variety of pallets using non-wood materials. Alternative-to-Wood Pallets are an excellent option for companies that would benefit from a lightweight, easy-to-handle, non-wood pallet. Benefits of alternative-to-Wood Pallets are:

  • Freight savings - Standard wood pallets weigh approximately fory-five to sixy pounds. Alternative-to-Wood
        pallets range from six to fifteen pounds, meaning lighter pallets will translate to significant savings for air cargo
        and LTL shippers. Lightweight pallets may also allow you to loan more cargo per container or truck.
  • Easy to Handle - Standard wood pallets weigh approximately forty-five to sixty pounts. Lightweight Alternative-to-     Wood pallets range from six to fifteen pounds, meaning less stress on material handling personnel and fewer
        claims for the employer.
  • Safety - Alternative-to-Wood pallets have no nails or splinters, meaning they are safer and easier to use by
        material handling personnel. Lack of nails and splinters also make them safer for consumers.
  • Non-Restricted for International Shipping - Wood pallets are coming under increasing restrictions due to the
        potential of infestation of wood-boring pests. Alternative-to-Wood pallets are not subject to internation restrictions
        and widely accepted as a beneficial replacement.
  • FDA / USDA Accepted - Alternative-to-Wood pallets are considered sterile and accepted inside food processing

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